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Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

View all available dates, current bookings, and a tally of credits if you indeed are in credit or in debt!

Matchplay Race 2020

Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

Check out the latest leaderboards for the 2020 Matchplay Race, and find out what prizes are on offer!

Times and match info for THIS WEEKEND

Matchplay Dates, Current Bookings, and Credits

Times and match info for THIS WEEKEND

Find out what time you are due to Hawker, and who you will be playing! You can also see last weekend's results!

matchplay overview


Key objectives

For children to enjoy competing against each other in a friendly and relaxed  environment, and to develop and improve their tennis skills in the process. Matchplay isn’t for all children. It is for those who have progressed to a certain level, and who are both committed to improving their tennis, and keen to compete against other children. For children taking lessons at Hawker, their coach will advise you when your child is ready to have a go. Matchplay is also open to children who have lessons elsewhere, because most tennis clubs don't offer a Matchplay programme, and I don't want anyone to miss out! If you want to try it out for the first time, email or speak to Nick. We also have mini tennis orange baselines painted on our courts for the 9 and unders! 

When and where?

Matchplay runs most weekend afternoons all year round, at Hawker Tennis in Kingston (action button to contact page)


Playing matches is essential for the development of any keen young tennis  player, and ultimately what tennis is all about! Matches are played using a court size and ball type suitable to players age and ability. Doing Matchplay once every 3 weeks would be the minimum I would recommend to benefit from it, but there's no limit to how often a child can play! 

How does it work?

Each session sees each child play 2 singles matches, and usually a doubles match too. This normally takes between 1½ and 2 hours. 

Match format

Matches are first to 4 games. If tied at 3-3, they play to 5. If tied at 4-4, they play a mini tie-break. This is first to 4 points, but if this reaches 3-3, then they must go on until someone is ahead by 2 clear points.

For stronger players, a full set to 6 is sometimes used.

LTA Ratings

As Matchplay is primarily about kids playing tennis matches, matches are only submitted for ratings purposes if both children are rated the same. The current rating system is sadly designed to dis-courage kids from playing matches when they have enough 'wins', for fear of having a 'loss'. This is NOT what we are about!