Frank Giampaolo Tennis Parents Education Seminar at Hawker - July 2017

Before the videos, a must read hard-hitting article for all tennis parents. Please set aside a good half hour to work through it. This is the reality check that you may or may not need! The crazy thing is, the parents who don't need it are the ones most likely to read it in full!

what's it like being an itf junior?

Please work through the videos in order. Some are more intense than others, but an easy opener here with Zeki, who started his tennis journey at Hawker, and now comes back to share his experience of playing the ITF Junior circuit.

MARCUS WILLIS - pro tennis player

Many will remember Marcus from Wimbledon 2017, when he progressed through pre-qualifying, then qualifying, then a Top 100 player in the 1st round, before playing Federer on Centre Court. Here, we get an insight into his world before he became famous.

What it takes to get to pro level

One ingredient is essential - what is it?


Judy was kind enough to talk to me at the Surbiton Challenger. Judy has played a huge part in the development of Andy and Jamie, so her insight is invaluable!


More fantastic insight from Judy!

tackling the big issues!

What is excellent technique, how common is it, how does it relate to playing level, future potential, and where does talent fit into it? With  the help of 3 of our more advanced juniors, we had loads of fun looking into this and more!

tennis academies + tennis coaches

In collaboration with Frank Giampaolo, I ask the questions that many parents don't even think to seek the answer to! What makes a good tennis coach, what makes a good tennis academy, and how can I know for sure that my child is in the right place with the right people?

inside the mind of andy murray - part 1

When Andy Murray's notes, which he often reads during matches, were leaked by the press, it seemed crazy not to take full advantage to see what the former world No.1 was thinking and doing during matches. Check it out!

inside the mind of andy murray - part 2

More from Andy murray's notes!