nick wheatley...... who?

Finally in 2019, my 'about' page is here!

I hate 'about' pages! These pages are mostly used to write glorified rubbish that make people sound amazing, so other people will hire them and give them more business! We all know it!

I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can carefully select which new business I take on. I've relied on people finding out about me in person, and through cast iron sources like word of mouth, or the official results of my players and teams.

Here's a few snippets, but if you want to properly find out who I am, then give me a call or invite me out for a beer! I always love to meet people and talk tennis!

I can play tennis and still regularly compete today. When I was 15, helping out at a tennis camp, I first realised that my real passion was for coaching.

I left University with a degree, and set up an online business in late 2000. My passion to excel lead me to become one of the best in the world, and also to be head-hunted by an Australian company in 2005. 

In early 2001, I also took up a part-time role as a tennis coach at Hawker, and have been there ever since. My passion for tennis coaching always remained, but it wasn't until 2007 that it absolutely caught fire. My other business had enjoyed it's peak, and market conditions were making it difficult to halt a gradual decline, and I wrapped it up in 2008.  

I had a sound coaching knowledge base, and over 10 years experience by 2007. Now that it was my primary focus, I set about developing that knowledge with the same 'I want to be the best' drive that I had in my previous business.

In 2007, I stepped things up at Hawker, and we soon had our first tennis squad and first Matchplay event. In late 2008, we entered our first team competition, and in 2010 we made our debut in 'Team Tennis'. In 2019, we are undoubtedly one of the most successful clubs in Surrey.

Since 2007, it's rare for a day to go by where I don't do something to further my tennis coaching knowledge. I go the extra mile to find the most effective teaching methods, and to look after the individual needs of my students. I also regularly give my free time to support our teams both at home and away.

In 2015, I began a YouTube series. It's success lead to me writing an article series on my own 1-2 Ryhthm concept for TennisPlayer, the world's best tennis resource site. Full info here. It also lead to me doing video analysis for then Top 10 Brit Marcus Willis. 

In 2019, I'm working on a 2nd TennisPlayer series, this time on marginal gains. I'm also training our Premier Squad hopefully towards their goal of Premier Team Tennis in 2020, which would be the club's greatest achievement yet.  

I have never had any desire to work anywhere other than Hawker. My views on UK tennis academies are very strong, and 'Video 56' will open your eyes to the reality, find it on this page

That's it. Remember, this page won't really give you any idea who I am. If you really want to know, then you know what to do to!


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what other people have written


Graham Broadley (30 yrs of producing Essex county champions, and high performance players)

Posted in TennisPlayer's Forum - reaction to Nick's Double-handed Backhand 1-2 Rhythm article:

Well I have to say this is an excellent article. I am a big advocate of much of this kind of teaching in my own work.

Like Nick I see many juniors with a holding position way too early, sometimes holding near to the very start of the backswing. I feel it's critical to address this type of thing as soon as we spot it. It's a basic.

I found Nick's article really great....made me quite proud to be British.

John Yandell (Coaching legend, and the man behind

Posted on TennisPlayer to introduce Nick's Serve 1-2 Rhythm article:

This is one of the most important and valuable serve articles we have published (in 12 years), because it solves a basic mystery. What is the relationship between the backswing, the legs, and the explosion into the ball? Nick Wheatley has developed his rhythm concept and how it applies to all versions of the groundstrokes. But this article may be the best in the series. Multitudes of players and coaches obsess on the trophy position - and it is important. But what about the timing of reaching the trophy position in relationship to the true racket acceleration in the motion? What do players with very different trophy positions and/or different trophy position timing all have in common that allows them to explode rhythmically into the ball? You can have it just like they do.

sherif rafla - Posted on Youtube under Video 37

Hi Nick, I am so fortunate to have found your videos and website. They have been very beneficial to my ever evolving game. I am 60 years old, but learning so much from you as if I were one of the kids in your program. If you were one of my teachers in school I would have scored A+ in life! Better late than never.   Can't thank you enough. All the best.

Kyle LaCroix (Assistant Director of Tennis at the prestigious 'The Oaks' club in Boca Raton)

Posted in TennisPlayer's Forum - reaction to Nick's Double-handed Backhand 1-2 Rhythm article:

Another great article by Nick.
I have used the 1-2 rhythm technique on the forehand expressed in last month's thread on his article. Admittedly, I have never used it on the backhand. Until now. Great article.

errolreilly - Posted on Youtube under Video 56

I first met this guy a couple of years ago when my son competed in one of his orange ball tournaments near London. He struck me then (in our very brief interaction) as not only a great coach, but a fantastic one! There is a lot of dross out there when it comes to tournament organisers and coaches. If only more were like this guy - just think of the quality of players we would have in the tennis world.