Results from 2017-present day

2019 Ham/Hawker Cup (vs Ham & Petersham): WINNERS!

2019 Team Tennis U18 Div 2: 2nd position out of 4
2019 Team Tennis U16 Div 1b: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)
2019 Team Tennis U14a Div 1a: 2nd position out of 5
2019 Team Tennis U14b Div 1c: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2019 Team Tennis U14c Div 2: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams)
2019 Team Tennis U12 Boys Div 1b: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2019 Team Tennis U12 Girls Div 2: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U17 Knock-out: Semi-finals (20 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U17 League: 2nd position out of 4

2018-19 Team Trophy U15 Knock-out: Last 16 (40 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U15 League: 2nd position out of 4

2018-19 Team Trophy U13a Knock-out: Semi-finals (43 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U13a League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U13b Knock-out: Runners-Up (43 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U13b League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U13c Knock-out: 1/4 Finals (43 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U13c League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U11a League: 3rd position out of 3

2018-19 Team Trophy U11b Knock-out: Last 16 (30 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U11b League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U11 Girls Knock-out: Runners-Up (18 teams)

2018-19 Team Trophy U11 Girls League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2018 Ham/Hawker Cup (vs Ham & Petersham): WINNERS!

2018 Team Tennis U18 Div 2: 3rd position out of 6
2018 Team Tennis U16a Div 1b: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)
2018 Team Tennis U16b Div 2: 4th position out of 6
2018 Team Tennis U14 Div 1c: 3rd position out of 4

2018 Team Tennis U12a Div 1b: 2nd position out of 5
2018 Team Tennis U12b Div 2: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2018 Team Tennis U10 Div 2: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U17 Knock-out: Semi-finals (15 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U17 League: WINNERS! (Out of 3 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U15a Knock-out: Semi-finals (24 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U15a League: WINNERS! (Out of 3 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U15b League: 2nd position out of 3

2017-18 Team Trophy U13a Knock-out: Semi-finals (32 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U13a League: WINNERS! (Out of 3 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U13b League: 2nd position out of 3

2017-18 Team Trophy U11a Knock-out: Semi-finals (28 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U11a League: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U11b Knock-out: 1/4 Finals (28 teams)

2017-18 Team Trophy U11b League: WINNERS! (Out of 3 teams)

2017 Ham/Hawker Cup (vs Ham & Petersham): WINNERS!

2017 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 1b: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)
2017 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 1a: 4th position out of 5

2017 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Div 2a: 2nd position out of 5

2017 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2a: 4th position out of 6

2017 AEGON Team Tennis U9 Div 2a: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2016-17 Surrey U18's Cup: 3rd Place (Out of 13 teams)

2016-17 Little League U10's Finals Day: 3rd position out of 5 

2016-17 Little League U10's: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams)

Results from 2009-2016

2016 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Surrey Play-Offs: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2016 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 1b: 2nd position out of 5
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U10 Div 2a: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams)
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U18 Div 2a: 5th position out of 6
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Div 2a: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams)
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 2a: 6th position out of 6
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2a: 6th position out of 6
2016 AEGON Team Tennis U10 Div 2d: 2nd position out of 6 

2015-16 Little League U11's: 4th position out of 5   

2015 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Surrey Play-Offs: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2015 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Div 2a: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams)

2015 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 1b: 3rd position out of 5
2015 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2b: 5th position out of 6

2015 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2c: 5th position out of 6
2015 AEGON Team Tennis U9 Div 2d: 4th position out of 6

2014 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Div 1a: 2nd position out of 4

2014 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 1b: 4th position out of 5 

2014 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2a: 3rd position out of 5 

2013-14 Little League U11's Finals Day: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams) 

2013-14 Little League U11's: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams) 

2013-14 Little League U10's: 3rd position out of 5

2013 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 1b: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams) 

2013 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 2a: 3rd position out of 6 

2013 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2a: 2nd position out of 4 

2013 AEGON Team Tennis U10 Div 2c: 6th position out of 6 

2012-13 Little League U11's: 2nd position out of 5

2012-13 Little League U10's: 3rd position out of 5

2012 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 2a: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams) 

2012 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 2b: 2nd position out of 5 

2012 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2a: 2nd position out of 5 

2012 AEGON Team Tennis U10 Div 2a: 3rd position out of 5 

2011-12 Little League U11's Finals Day: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams) 

2011-12 Little League U11's: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams) 

2011-12 Little League U10's Finals Day: 3/4 position out of 7 teams 2011-12 Little League U10's: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams) 

2011 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Div 3: 2nd position out of 5

2011 AEGON Team Tennis U14 Girls Div 2: 3rd position out of 5 

2011 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams) 

2011 AEGON Team Tennis U10 Div 5: WINNERS! (Out of 6 teams) 

2010-11 Little League U11's Finals Day: 2nd position out of 6

2010-11 Little League U11's: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams) 

2010-11 Little League U10's Finals Day: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2010-11 Little League U10's: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams) 

2010 AEGON Team Tennis U16 Div 2a: 4th position out of 5

2010 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2c: 2nd position out of 5

2010 AEGON Team Tennis U12 Div 2d: 3rd position out of 5

2010 Mini League U9's: 3rd position out of 5

2009-10 Little League U11's Finals Day: WINNERS! (Out of 8 teams) 2009-10 Little League U11's: WINNERS! (Out of 4 teams) 

2009-10 Little League U10's: 2nd position out of 5 

2009 Mini League U9's: 5th position out of 6

2008-09 Little League U11's Finals Day: 4th position out of 6

2008-09 Little League U11's: WINNERS! (Out of 5 teams)

2008-09 Little League U10's: 5th position out of 6

2019 reports and pictures

3rd Ham/Hawker Cup


Monday 7th October 2019: Another sensational and exciting Ham/Hawker Cup, and another win for Hawker! After more than 9 hours of tennis, the two clubs were locked at 4-4. The set count-back declared us winners by 15-14! Had the sets been tied, we would have lost with a -3 game count-back! 

Our two U12's teams were awesome! Both their ties went to the 5th rubber, and our boys got the wins in both! Nicho, Liam, Thomas, and James.C the hero's! The U14 Girls tie was overshadowed by Ham's ineligible player, but Rosie and Catie played incredible tennis, which included Catie scoring a crucial win in her singles match.

Moritz was a superstar in the U18's, saving 2 match points in an epic 7-6 (11-9) win against the much higher rated Zain, and then he did it all again, when he beat Ham's No.1 junior Jamie 6-4! 

In the end, our U16's still needed to win 3-0 against quality opponents. Tristan and Georgiy were exceptional, winning both their singles to go 2-0 up. The whole cup rested on the doubles tie. Last year, they lost the doubles to the same pair 6-1. This year they showed their huge improvement both with their doubles skills, and their partnership, by taking a tense battle 6-4!

It took several exceptional performances to get this cup win, and it was the same story last year. The cup, more than any other regular event, has allowed me to see how well our players can rise to the occasion by playing strong intelligent tennis under pressure. It's just so pleasing to know the juniors are responding so well to what we do in squads training, and are able to put it into practice in this way.

Finally, a huge thank-you to Ham & Petersham for making this such a memorable and valuable event for both clubs. We look forward to returning to them next year for the 4th edition!

Surrey Team Tennis 2019


Monday 15th July 2019: Hawker Jets had their most successful Team Tennis season yet! We had 7 teams involved, and 5 of them won their leagues, whilst the other two came 2nd place!

Our players consistently produced winning tennis, and we also pulled out some great victories against Surrey's top clubs. St.Georges Hill - played 2, WON 2, Woking - played 4, WON 4, Roehampton, Surbiton, and Wimbledon Club - all played 1, WON 1! We lost to Westside's U16's with an U14 team, but still went on to win that league! 

Our U14 A's (pictured after victory at St.Georges Hill) were undefeated in Surrey's strongest U14 division, but just missed out on league victory when we drew 3-3 at Weybridge Tennis Academy and then lost the sudden death shoot-out! Our U12 Boys and U12 Girls were both awesome, winning every match they played! Hawker Jets played 24 matches in total, and won 20 of them!

Reports and pictures from 2016-18

Surrey Junior Team Trophy Winter 2018/19


Monday 25th March 2019: We entered 8 teams in this year's competition, and managed to surpass last year's excellent showing. Incredibly, we had 7 of our teams qualify for the knock-out phase of the competition, the best of all 48 clubs who were involved. Once again, 4 of our teams made the semi-final stage, and  this time two of them cleared that hurdle to book their spot at Finals Day. We had 3 U13's teams, and they were outstanding. Only one team were able to stop them, as St.Georges Hill ended up beating all three, with our A's just a tie-break away from making it an all-Hawker Final. Our U11 Girls were the other star performers (pictured), storming to the final where  they put up such a brave fight against a really strong Roehampton team, who needed 3 and a half hours of gruelling tennis to finally get their win. In fact, team spirit was evident across all the age groups, with some stunning individual performances mixed with great character and fight. It could have been better still, as our U11 Boys had to give away their knockout tie versus a team who went on to the final, because one of our boys fell ill during the match. Another great Winter season, which maintains out status as one of the most successful junior clubs in  Surrey!

2nd Ham/Hawker Cup


Sunday 30th September 2018: Hawker retain the Cup they won in 2017 when this new annual event was launched. This was an even sweeter victory due to doing it at their place, and defeating an incredibly strong line-up that Ham assembled for this year. Tristan's opening victory against Ham's No.1 in the U14's was one of numerous huge performances by our players. Tristan played near flawless attacking tennis to win 6-2 and set the path for the crucial U14's age group to be won by Hawker.  After the opening 4 ties, Hawker lead 3-1 (easy wins in U12's, and U11's  A, and an easy Ham win in U16's). The Men's was a high quality affair, especially the doubles, but Ham were too strong, 3-2. The U13's was another crucial tie, and Jackson's 6-4 upset win over Ham's No.1 set that tie going our way. The U11's B's saw a tight opening match go Ham's way which set them up for an easy win. 4-3 Hawker with 2 ties remaining. The Ladies were overwhelmed by Ham in 2017, but an excellent 6-4 upset win by Victoria over their No.1 gave Hawker an unexpected  lead. Their No.2, Sarah, was also a tough proposition, both club champion at Ham and nearby Teddington. Our Sara produced an inspired display though, saving a match point before winning 7-6 (8-6), and putting Hawker 2-0 up, one match from victory! The Ladies went down in the doubles 6-4, and then it was Sara back on in singles, and another  inspired performance netted a 6-1 win and sealed the Cup win for Hawker!  The U18's was incomplete at this stage (Ham leading 2-1), and it was decided not to finish it. Another excellent team effort from Hawker, with team spirit and unity across the whole squad very much the key to victory!

Surrey Team Tennis 2018 and Junior Team Trophy 2018/19


Monday 9th July 2018: Yet another highly successful season for the Jets!

3  league wins from the 7 which we entered, with the younger players  performing particularly well. The U12's A team finished 2nd in a strong league (pictured), whilst the B team blitzed their division to take the title. The U10's backed up their league win last year as U9's with a dominating  performance to win again as U10's. The U16's A team exceeded  expectations by winning a tough league despite limited preparation. The B's and the U18's couldn't overcome their lack of preparation, but both teams scored a number of wins in their respective divisions. Big well done to all involved for helping to keep the Hawker Jets compeition wins rolling in!

Monday 19th March 2018: We entered 7 teams in Surrey's inaugural Winter Season team competition, and it was a great success and lots of fun for all those  involved. Sadly, we didn't have any representation at Finals weekend in  March, but all 4 of our A teams made the semi-finals! In fact, all 7 teams between them blitzed the group stages, winning 13 out of 15 matches, including 39 out of 45 individual rubbers. 5 of them qualified for the knock-out stage, where the 4 A teams all hit a wall at the semi-final stage. We were the ONLY team in Surrey to have representation in the semi-finals of every boys age group. Westside, Woking, and  Wilton only managed representation in 2 of the 4 age groups. An excellent effort that shows our strength at all ages, and once again re-affirms our position as one of the most successful clubs in Surrey  when it comes to team tennis. This is all the more impressive given the modest levels of commitment that most of our squad players have.

Inaugural Ham/Hawker Cup


Monday 6th November 2017: This is a new Davis Cup style event to be held each year between Hawker Tennis and Ham & Petersham Tennis Club. 

The inaugural event was hosted by Hawker, and was a big success! Hawker managed to win by a 5-4 scoreline! Pivotal to victory was the U14's, which saw Arjan and Tristan both win singles against strong opposition, before securing the tie with a doubles victory. 

The Men's event was the classic tie of the day. The first singles were split, leading to a fantastic doubles match, with Hawker (represented by Nick and Mike) starting slowly vs Ham (represented by Zino and Jonny). We went 0-3 15-40 down, but stormed  back to serve for it at 5-3. One match point was missed, and the score was soon 5-5. At 6-5, Hawker missed two more match points. The deciding tie-break saw Hawker come from 1-3 down to win it 7-5 in front of a lively crowd! 

Ham would come back to win the remaining singles and take the tie 3-2 though. 

Elsewhere, Hawker were too strong in the younger age groups, with Ham proving too strong in the older age groups.

Team Tennis 2017, and Surrey Little League + Surrey Cup


Monday 10th July 2017: The Hawker Jets once again performed excellently, with a Division 1 win for the U14 Boys, narrowly pipping Ham & Petersham for 1st place, and also an excellent debut win in Division 2 for the U9's (pictured), who were a class  above all opponents they faced. The U16 Boys were beaten into 2nd place by Ham & Petersham in their league. With the County Play-Offs scrapped after a 2 year pilot scheme, we can, however, officially say U16 Hawker Boys are the only team to have ever won the Surrey Play-Off  Finals! The U12's were placed in the highest possible leagues, and struggled, understandable given almost all have just come out of U10's, and they'll have another go in U12's next Summer. 

Sunday 19th March 2017 (Surrey Cup and Little League): Our first ever entry into the Surrey Junior Cup was hugely successful, with a 3rd place finish. This is an U18's event, yet Harry and Moritz are 16 and 15 respectively, and have 2 more years to try and go even further! After a simple Round 1 victory, Moritz scored a crucial singles win in the 1/4 final, before the boys clinched the deciding doubles. A trip to Leatherhead (the defending champs) proved too tough, and that set up a play-off against Ham & Petersham, and a reunion with Zino, who was with us for many years. Zino beat Harry 64 63 in a high quality match, whilst Moritz beat Tom Luca 64 75. The doubles was a tight  affair, but our boys held their nerve and played great in the big moments to edge it 62 16 64!

Our U10's Little League team demolished the opposition in the group stage, but unfortunately for Finals Day we had to send a weakened team. Mackenzie and Charlie battled well against the other 4 finalists, winning 2 matches, and losing 2, but all were close. A good effort to finish in 3rd place from 22 teams overall who entered this years event.

Team Tennis 2016


Monday 29th August 2016: 2016 was one of our best seasons ever! Our U16's Boy's team won their league to qualify for the end-of-season Play-Offs for the second straight year! And for the second straight year, they won the Play-Off Finals at  Sutton Academy! Big congratulations to Harry and Moritz (pictured), who performed at a very high level to win all 4 matches they played on the day.  Another incredible league win came from the U10's team, who demonstrated an unbelievable team spirit, and determination. Every team in the league was stronger than us on paper, and our boys won 10 out of the 11  matches that went to deciding tie-breaks! Full story below! Elsewhere, our U14's Boys also had a great season, narrowly missing out on a league victory in their division 1 group. Our U18's, U14's B team, and U12's all struggled, and were found wanting in terms of ability, and in a few cases, commitment to the cause. Overall though, a fantastic 2016 season!

U10's Team Tennis 2016 - A great story of team spirit, and mental toughness: The A team started with a home tie to Sutton Academy, with the Jets taking a narrow 4-2 win. 4 of the 6 matches went to a deciding tie-break, and we crucially won 3 of those, including Sam's incredible  fightback from 0-4 0-2 down in his singles match! An away trip to Southwark looked destined to go 3-3, until Rohan and Sam made a miraculous comeback in their doubles, coming from a set down and saving 5 match points! 4-2 win for the Jets! Next up was Rock's Lane, and a  close match was lost on a shoot-out 3-4. But the league was still in our hands as we went away to the league leaders, who were undefeated. The boys were fantastic, scoring a 5-1 win, including Rohan's epic singles that saw him save 2 match points in the tie-break! The boys then went to Annabel Croft Academy and thumped them 6-0 to win in style! The B team also surpassed themselves, winning their first 4 matches, and missing out on the title by 2 points when the last match went into a shoot-out. Many incredible performances kept the results flowing, and kept us in the final match against a very strong team, and our B team can proudly claim wins over the A teams from Wimbledon Club, Wilton, and Westside, 3 big local clubs!

Reports and pictures from 2009-2015

Team Tennis 2014 and 2015


PICTURE: Awesome U10's A team after they clinched league victory away at Downs in 2016 (story above)

Monday 31st August 2015: A fantastic achievement for the Hawker Jets, when our U16's not only won their AEGON league, but then went on to win the inaugural county Play-Offs at the end of the Summer. They played off against 5 other teams, and edged 1st place in a very competitive event! Well done to our team of Zino and Harry, and also to Milan and Leonard who contributed to the league season. Elsewhere, our teams generally found the high divisions they were playing in quite tough. U14's won 2 or their 4 matches to finish 3rd, both U12 teams struggled, just picking up 1 win in their leagues. The U9's were the highlight though, finishing 4th out of 6, but claiming 2 wins, and performing admirably in their 3 losses, all by the narrowest of margins (4-6)! A great first taste of team tennis, well done Mackenzie, Rohan, William, Hassen, Charlie and Tommy!

Sunday 29th June 2014: It's been our worst season to date, but our players should only be commended for how they handled the challenges put before them. A combination of being in very high level leagues, and repeatedly being without our best players for matches, were key factors that lead to us having mid-table finishes in all 3 leagues we competed in. One performance stands out for me: Zino's win over Michael Mhangami, a highly rated youngster. Zino fought so well, and eventually powered past an opponent who was 4 rating bands above him! This levelled  the tie at 3-3, but Zino and Alfie Heiberg couldn't win the shoot-out tie-break against Michael, and Andy Faull (who's ranked Top 50  nationally in U18's!). An example of the caliber of opposition we faced,  and the experience will no doubt have done all those who played a power of good.

Team Tennis 2013 and Little League 2013/14


Sunday 23rd March 2014: Massive congratulations to Harry and Max (pictured), who took the Hawker Jets to another glorious Little League crown! Our U11's team won all their group matches to win their league and qualify, and then they beat all other league winners on Sunday in Woking to take the outright title! The teams they beat were Old College (3-0), Reedham (2-1), Virgin Active (2-1), and Wilton (2-1). All the 2-1 wins were  decided with the doubles match, so it took excellent teamwork from the boys to secure those vital doubles wins! No surprise, as both boys started at Hawker tennis when they were 4 yrs old, and have partnered each other many times over the years!

Sunday 16th June 2013 (Team Tennis - Div 1 WINNERS!): It was a fantastic Sunday, that saw our U14 A team go to Byfleet knowing a win would secure the Division 1 title. They did it in great fashion, showing ruthless determination to win 6-0! Big well done to Harry, Zino, Louis, Leonard, and Moritz, who between them accomplished Hawker's finest achievement to date! It was almost a super double too, with the U14 B team also going for a league win, but despite a hard-fought battle, they lost the final  crucial match 2-1 at home to Woking, and we ended up in 3rd place due to 3 teams being on the same points total, and it being decided by sets % won.

Team Tennis 2012 and Little League 2012/13


Sunday 17th June 2012: Another Team Tennis campaign is over, and it's fair to say it has been another successful one for Hawker Jets. We were in higher leagues than previous  years, and yet managed to win one of them (our first ever U14 title!),  and finish with a record of P15 W11 L4 (a 73% win rate!). The U14 A's were our winners, with Owen, Zino, and Louis rotating equally to play 2 matches each. The U14 B's almost made it a double, but a narrow defeat in our last match meant we had to settle for 2nd place behind Epsom after the top three teams all had the same number of points. It was a similar situation with the U12's, ending up tied on points at the top, but finishing 2nd as Byfleet had a better match/rubber record than us! The U10's league was extremely tight, and this time the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th teams all had the same points, Hawker  Jets finishing 3rd. The overall tale of success continues, as our record since the start of 2011 reads P56 W47 L9. An incredible 84% win rate from 56 matches, and a very proud achievement for our players who  continue to prove time and again that they know how to win tennis  matches!

Sunday 25th March 2012: More glory for the Hawker Jets as the U11's win the entire Little League competition! Gary and Joseph (pictured) lost only one rubber between them, against Wigmore's No.1, but as usual they paired up well to win the doubles comfortably and take the match 2-1. An easy 3-0 win against Purley  secured their place in the final against Byfleet. Gary breezed through his singles, whilst Joseph beat his opponent in a nail-biting tiebreak, meaning they didn't need to bother with the doubles. This is the 2nd  time in 3 years that Hawker Jets U11's have won this competition, and the 3rd consecutive year we have won one of the two age groups (as we won the U10's outright last year)! 

Team Tennis 2011 and Little League 2011/12


Saturday 24th March 2012 (Little League Finals Day): The U10s went to Wimbledon Park to compete in this year's Little League finals. Sebastian, Barney and Moritz won their league over the winter and qualified for this day alongside 7 other teams from around Surrey. Moritz and Seb were placed in a group with Reigate, Elstead and St. George's Hill. They won comfortably against St. George's Hill (3-0) and Elstead (2-1). Their encounter against Reigate was a true battle, with 2 of the matches going into very close tie-breaks. The Hawker boys fought tirelessly but got a bit unlucky, losing both tiebreaks, which meant they came 2nd in their group and Reigate won a place in the final against Roehampton. Well done  to the boys - it was a brilliant effort and the level of play and focus was impressive throughout.

Sunday 22nd May 2011 (Team Tennis): The U10's (pictured) landed us our second league win of the season, by winning their final match at home to Telford Park. Gary, Finlay, Joseph, and Charlie were made to work for the win, but in the end it was fairly easy, and big congratulations to all those who played for the U10's (Oisin, Gary, Finlay, Joseph, Jason, Charlie, Harry).

Sunday 15th May 2011 (Team Tennis): The amazing winning run finally came to an end this week, when Owen and Jack were beaten by a strong U14 team at St.Georges Hill. However, not before Robert and Zino extended it to 11 unbeaten in our first ever Team Tennis season, and 18 unbeaten in 2011! On Saturday, they went to Byfleet and came away with a 2-1 win. Robert lost his singles, Zino won his, and the boys teamed up well to win the deciding doubles. That made it 4 wins from 4 in the U12 league, which means we win that league! Well done to the 6 boys who  represented the U12 Boys team this campaign (Tom, Zino, Robert, Tomos, Harry, and Klaus). 

Little League 2010-2011


Sunday 10th April 2011 (Little League Finals Day): Our teams did fantastically well this weekend, despite both teams being robbed of their best players! Harry couldn't lead our U10 side as he was away on hols, so Oisin played No.1 and Finlay stepped in as No.2. The boys beat all their opponents with ease, Oisin winning all his  singles, and the boys teaming up to win all their doubles. They finished top, well clear of Woking who were runner's-up. Big congratulations to Harry, Oisin, and Finlay for being so dominant right the way through and landing our second Little League crown in as many years! The U11's suffered the cruel loss of Louis to a  nasty injury days before Finals Day, so Frederick stepped up to play as No.1, whilst Klaus stepped in at late notice to play at No.2. The boys won their first 2 matches (against Reigate and Claremont), and then faced a final showdown against Dorking. Frederick won his singles, Klaus lost his, and the boys were narrowly edged out in the deciding doubles by a 4-2 scoreline. So close to an incredible double, but big well done to Louis and Frederick for winning their league so easily, and to Frederick and Klaus for fighting hard to finish us in 2nd place!

Saturday 12th June 2010 (Little League Finals Day): The U11's went to Surrey Sports Park in Guildford to contest the 2010  Little League Finals. U11's Little League is a Grade B junior team event run by Surrey Tennis, and open to every affiliated club in the county. 42 teams entered, the majority of which were well-established bigger clubs. Julius and Tom won their league over the winter and qualified for  this day alongside 7 other league winners from around Surrey. We were placed in a group with Downswood, Elstead, and Walton. The boys lost the first match 2-1, won the next 3-0, and won the last 2-1. 3 teams had 2 wins so the group was decided on a game count-back, and thanks to Tom's convincing scorelines in his singles matches, we won the group and made the grand final. There we faced Dorking, and after the singles matches  were split, our 2 stars won the deciding doubles to give Hawker Jets their proudest moment yet! Massive congratulations to Julius and Tom (pictured) on this fantastic achievement!

The beginning, and Little League 2009


Sunday 13th September 2009 (Little League Finals Day): Hawker Jets joined 5 other league winners from around Surrey to compete in the U11 Little League Finals at St.Georges College, Weybridge today.  Our first round robin match was against Woking (who would end up as  champions), and Robert and Owen made their opponents work for it, but  eventually succumbed 3-0, each losing a singles and then also the doubles. Purley were next, and Ben played No.2 for this one. This time, we were too strong for them, and won this match 3-0. That left us 2nd place in the group, and playing for 3rd/4th place overall. We played Epsom, and Owen came up against a really strong player and lost, but Robert beat their weaker No.2 player to set up the doubles decider. Ben stepped in for this, but the boys lost. Even so, a really impressive achievement to make the finals day in the first place, and then to  finish 4th out of 6 on the day. A big well done to Owen, Robert and Ben!!!

The beginning!: The very first Hawker squad was formed in late 2007, with just 4 players, and the very first Matchplay took place on 13th October 2007.

The first ever picture record I can find was the one above, which was the then enlarged Hawker tennis squad in early 2009.

Back row: Harry, Tomos, Felix, Edwin, Julius, Robert, Ben

Front row: Raphael, Nick, Henrike

The squads have come so far since these very small beginnings, but everything has to start somewhere, and this is where the hawker Tennis Squads story begun!