matchplay info for this weekend


Please be ready to play at the following times: 





Martha bt Maryam 4-1

Arnav bt Lam 4-1

Arnav bt Martha 4-2

Maryam bt Lam 4-1


Oli.T bt Sophie 4-1 4-2




Lam/Martha bt Maryam/Arnav 5-3


Please be ready to play at the following times:

3.30pm: Kartik, Freddie, Sophie, Oli.W, Telman, Masa, Lam, Maryam

3.50pm: Ronak



Telman vs Lam

Masa vs Maryam

Lam vs Maryam

Masa vs Telman


Kartik vs Freddie

Oliver.W vs Sophie

Ronak vs Oliver.W

Kartik vs Ronak

Freddie vs Sophie 




Kartik/Freddie vs Sophie/Oliver.W

Telman/Masa vs Lam/Maryam



Dodgy Weather - Sat 15th Feb CANCELLED DUE TO STORM DENNIS

Please check here BEFORE contacting Nick. Press 'Refresh' to be sure. We will always try to get Matchplay completed, even in poor weather. It is very rare that we have to cancel, but any weather updates will be posted here at least 30 minutes before the start.

Payment receipts

You can purchase Matchplay credits at Hawker reception ONLY, and the receipt must be handed to Nick before your child plays their first match. If your child doesn't have any remaining credits, please remember to either send your child with payment, or bring payment when you come down. 

Winter footwear

Please ensure children's tennis shoes are COMPLETELY free of mud and dirt,  especially on the soles. Children MUST NOT walk or play on any muddy/grassy land before going onto the courts. Respecting this will help reduce the slipperiness of the courts when wet, and in turn reduce the risk of slips and falls, and any injuries that they cause.

Doubles matches

If numbers don't work out to give everyone a doubles game, then usually those that signed up latest will miss out on doubles. You can also request not to play doubles when signing up.

Doubles will use sudden death deuce, and players are expected to use  traditional formations with net players so they can work on their volley skills. At deuce, the next point wins the game, and the receiving team can nominate who the server serves to.


All players are expected to respect fair play, their opponents, and their  surroundings. Any unacceptable behaviour will usually be dealt with first by a soft warning from the coach in charge, and then point penalties for further misdemeanours.

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Current active win streaks: 11 (Tristan in Yellow)

Longest Matchplay win streak: 60 (Tristan Scurr - ended Oct 2015 by Leo Pettit), Owen Davies 56, Rohan Madaher 45 (34G/9O/2Y), Nicholas Kram 32 (17G/10O/5Y).

Longest win streak in Yellow: 56 (Owen Davies - ended Jan 2012 by Louis Cuff).

Longest win streak in Green: 60 (Tristan Scurr - ended Oct 2015 when he moved to Yellow!). Raphael  Bucher 22, Nicola Siedl, Harry Pocock and Tom Goodwin all managed 21,  Harry Vincent 20.

Longest win streak in Orange: 27 (Moritz Stuebing - ended Oct 2010 by Seb Sabania), Rosie McDermott 25.

Most Race points won from one Matchplay (the maximum!): 26 (Moritz Stuebing - Dec 2016)

Longest Tie-break: 14-12 (Matteo Strathmann and Tristan Scurr - August 2014)

Most match points saved before winning: 11 (Joe Horner vs Ross Butland - August 2009)

Most match points needed before winning: 14 (Harry Vincent vs Tomos Croxon - October 2008)

Youngest Matchplay Winner: 6yrs 2mths (Skye Hair (June 2014) and Anton Hansel (Nov 2011))

Total Number of Matchplay matches played: 10163 as of the end of 2017

Last time Matchplay cancelled due to weather: Sat 6th October 2018 (rain), before 2018 was Sun 10th August 2014!



Read through the following facts for any competitive tennis match, and accept that they are true. Remind yourself of this acceptance when you are next on court and feel things boiling over. If you can accept things you don't like in a tennis match, you won't need to react so badly to them. If you don't react badly so often, your emotional state will be more under control, which will have you better prepared for each and every point in the match. Emotional control will also give you important skills for all aspects of life, and not just the power to win more tennis matches than you otherwise would.

1) I have no right to win this tennis match

2) I may well have setbacks during this match, when I can choose to either react badly, or try and find a solution to them

3) I may not play my best tennis in this match

4) My opponent may well play excellent tennis at any time during this match

5) I may get some close line calls

6) My opponent has the right to never give up

7) I may well lose a lead in this match. If this happens, my choices are to either get upset, or to try my best to keep fighting to regain the lead.

8) I will make mistakes in this match

9) My opponent will win points from my errors

10) My opponent may well get some lucky winners. I can't control this, so getting upset about something I can't control is the sign of a mentally weak tennis player.