how to reduce errors

Understanding two key skills to help you make clean contact with the ball more often, enabling you to improve both accuracy and consistency.

how to stop hitting balls in the net

How to stop hitting balls into the net! A simple and effective tip to help you hit stronger balls that clear the net and land deep in the court.

1-2 rhythm on groundstrokes

Here's an actual lesson, teaching a group of adults how to improve their groundstrokes using my widely acclaimed 1-2 Rhythm concept. This can be adopted with minimal or no technical changes, and still get fast results. 1-2 Ryhthm is about feeling the rhythm and timing of your strokes, to achieve better power and consistency.

simple and effective tactics

Find out exactly why you should be hitting cross court most of the time, and also understand how you can adjust your positioning safely in order to be able to hit your stronger shot more often (usually forehands!).

more simple and effective tactics!

Simple Repeatable Tactics Part 1 - Giving you a few simple concepts that once understood, will allow you to develop your own simple repeatable tactics to help you win at singles.

returning serves

Your return of serve is always the first shot you will hit in the rally, and it's importance can't be underestimated for that reason. Get to grips with how to be a better returner!

12 essential skills for tennis

12 skills that need to be constantly developed and maintained by any serious tennis player of any level. These skills will allow players to play to their full potential. Find out what they are, and how we practice them.

hitting stances explained

Understanding how to create energy for your shots by using leg drive and body rotation, and how this links in with how you set your feet for the shot (your hitting stance).


How to get the most from your tennis sessions, and how to improve at a faster rate. This is a simple but highly effective tool that focuses you on improvement and allows you to evaluate progress over time. Also, a simple and effective tip to help you get your serve in more often.

split steps to make you faster

This is my first video on footwork and movement in tennis, a critically important area of the game. Here, we learn and fully understand split steps, and how they can give you more of that valuable time when you are playing. Plus bonus comedy sketches!