double-handed backhand

Features Moritz and the best model for backhand technique in Djokovic

single-handed backhand

Check out Federer's backhand, and the most scenic tennis court I've ever visited!

forehand preparation

This is crucial to hitting high level forehands, yet is widely misunderstood. Check it out!

forehand technique part 2

The rest of forehand technique broken down.

slice backhand

Take a look at the slice backhand with the iconic Trevor Hughesman, and also the drop slice variation!


Volleys are far simpler than some people imagine, check it out!

drop volleys and drop shots

Loads of fun looking at these speciality shots with the one and only Paul Livesi!

drive volley, smash, and more!

Loads of great tips in this video, but you can see a segment on smashes from 1m30s to 2m30s, and a segment on drive volleys from 4m50s to 5m35s. Enjoy!

advanced topspin and more!

Loads more random great tips, but for the advanced topspin segment, and the modern wiper forehand, go to 2m35s into the video.