mental strength + emotional control

Struggle with emotional control, or negative thoughts during matches? This is for you! An understanding of what goes on when those mental demons strike, and the first steps needed to improve and overcome these issues.

part 2 - controlling your emotions

Understanding the key to controlling your emotions, and how to use this to help you, both by being able to erase or substitute thoughts that cause mental conflict, and by only allowing thoughts that are about things you can control.

part 3 - the most important skill

This addresses perhaps the most important skill required to be mentally tough on the court. Thoughts that take you into the past or the future, will only damage your chances to perform well in the present.


In this video, I take a look at how best to manage your time in between points, and also run through a few more top tips for mental toughness on the tennis court!

part 5 - summary and final tip

The 5th and final video on mental strength, a massively neglected area of the game, which is hurting many junior players. This video has a great summary of why it's so important, the messages already given in this series, and one more invaluable skill for mental toughness.